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How Mico Fuel Injection System Works?

Mico Fuel injection System used for Multi-Cylinder Diesel Engines.The system consists of a Fuel Feed Pump and a Fuel Injection Pump which are integrated in one body.

The Fuel Feed Pump sucks the Fuel Oil from the fuel tank which still contains Air bubbles and Vapour,then the Pump supply oil to filter unit for purifying it.The filter unit cleans the oil and further supply it to the Fuel injection Pump.Overflowed oil is sent back to Fuel Tank through overflow valve provided on the filter unit.Air vent screw is also provided on the Filter unit for Air Venting.

The injection Pump has a main Crank Shaft which is driven by power supplied by the Engine.The number of Plunger quantity is equal to number of Cylinder in Engine.One Plunger supplies the fuel to one cylinder of Engine only,and each Plunger works as an individual Injection Pump.Only Control Rod meshes with all the toothed quadrants of all the Pumps at the same time.

The Fuel which is coming from Filter unit is compressed to the required pressure by these Plungers and is supplied through delivery pipe to the injector of the Engine at proper timing.Separate overflow outlets are provided on each plunger to sent back overflowed oil to Fuel Tank.

A Governor is also provided in the Injection Pump,which actuates the control rod to govern the supply of oil through plunger according to the demand of the Engine.

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