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Practicle Application Of Bernoulli's Equation On Hydraulic Devices.

Bernoulli's Equation has widest application in Hydraulics and Applied Hydraulics.It is used for derivation of many Formula.In this post I will cover its Application on the following Hydraulic Devices.

The Venturimeter is an apparatus,for finding out the Discharge of a Liquid Flowing through a pipe.

Venturimeter has consist of three parts,
A)Convergent Cone:-
It is the short pipe which converges from Diameter d1 to a smaller Diameter d2.It is also known as "Inlet" of venturimeter.The slope of Converging sides is between 1 in 4 or 1 in 5.
It is small portion of circular pipe,in which the Diameter d2 is kept constant.
C)Divergent Cone:-
It is a pipe,which Diverges from Diameter d2 to a large Diameter d1.It is also known as "Outlet" of the Venturimeter.The Length of the Divergent Cone is about 3 to 4 times than that of the Convergent Cone.

02)Orifice Meter:-
This is used to measure the Discharge in a pipe.An Orifice Meter in its simplest form,consist of a Plate having a Sharp Edge circular Hole,known as "Orifice"

This Plate is fixed inside the pipe.The Mercury Manometer is inserted to know the difference of Pressure between the pipe and the Orifice.

03)Pitot Tube:-
It is the instrument to determine the Velocity of Flow at the required point in a pipe or stream.Pitot Tube consist of a glass Tube bent through 90 degree.

The lower end of the Tube faces the direction of Flow.The Liquid rises up in the tube to the Pressure exerted by the Flowing Liquid.By measuring the rise of a Liquid in the Tube,we an find out,the Velocity of the Liquid Flow.

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