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Which Are The Different Sources Of Energy.

We need Power to drive ourEngines, Machines,Tools and Appliances.Power is nothing but the rate of flow of Energy.In every Era,man has been striving to explore more and more sources of Energy available in nature.His efforts are still continued in this field.Some sources are given below.

01)Water:-It will possess Potential Energy if available at a certain height.This Potential Energy is converted into Kinetic Energy by bringing Water to lower level.Water Turbine will convert this Kinetic Energy into Mechanical Energy.Many Hydro-Electric Power Stations are the best examples of this type Energy source.

02)Solar Energy:-In a Tropical climate Solar rays have been used directly for the generation of Power by employing a Parabolic mirror to concentrate the rays on to a Boiler or the Cylinder of Hot Air Engine.Fuel stock will be consumed rapidly and it will available for next 200 years or so,to meet this challenge Solar Energy is the best alternative we have.

03)Fuels:-They are exits in form of


The major source of Energy in the world.The Chemical Energy which fuel contains are being transferred into Heat Energy by their Combustion.The Heat Energy can further be converted into Mechanical Energy by Thermal Prime Mover.

04)Wind:-Unequal heating of Atmosphere by the Sun produces air currents which when deflected through an angle produces a Force.This Force had been used to drive the Wind Mill to produce Electric Power.

05)Nuclear Energy:-This is the recent discovery and one of the outstanding achievement of Mankind.In 1938 Hann and Strassman splitted the Uranium Atom successfully by Nuclear fission.Fission of heavy Nuclei is an Exothermic Process.In which enormous amount of Heat is liberated.This Heat produced by Nuclear fission may be utilised by special Heat Exchangers for the generation of Steam which may be used to drive Turbo Generators to generate Power.

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