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The Effect Of Intercooling And Reheating On Gas Turbine Plant.

The compression of Air can be done by two stages in Air compressor.In this process,the Temperature of Air increases in Low Pressure Compressor.

An Intercooler is employed when High Pressure ratios are involved,to cool the air from Low Pressure Compressor before entry into the High Pressure Compressor.

The Effect of Intercooling will shown by reducing the overall Horse Power required for Compression.Though the Intercooler reduces the Compression Work, there is some pressure loss also as the effect of Intercooling.But even then it contributes towards overall economy.

The Air-Fuel ratio in a Gas Turbine is quite high.Therefore,the products of Combustion Exhausted after expansion in the High Pressure Turbine are still rich in Oxygen and are subjected to Combustion once again in the Second Combustion Chamber just before the entry into the Low Pressure Turbine.

The Temperature attained by the air after Reheating is same as that before entry into the High Pressure Turbine.The Compressor may be driven by the Power from High Pressure or Low Pressure Turbine.

By employing Heat Exchanger,Intercooler and Reheaters,we can achieve some gain in the overall efficiency of Gas Turbine Plant.At the same time it will also increased the weight of the plant and overall cost.

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