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Details Of Crankshaft Used In Internal Combustion Engine.

In Internal combustion Engine various parts are used to perform it as a Machine,out of that Crankshaft is one of the most important part used in I.C. Engine.

The construction and its details are as below.

To convert Reciprocating motion of the Piston into Rotary motion,the Crankshaft and Connecting Rod combination is used.The Crankshaft which is made by Steel Forging or Casting is held on the Axis around which it rotates,by the Main Bearings,which is fit round the main Journals provided.

There are always at least two such bearings,one at the rare end and other at front end.the increase in number of Main Bearings for a given size of the Crankshaft means less possibility of Vibration and Distortion.
But it will also increase the difficulty of correct alignment in addition to increased production cost.

The Main Bearings are mounted on the Crankcase of the Engine.The Balance weight or Counter weight keep the system in perfect balance.
The Crank Webs are extended and enlarged on the side of Journal opposite the Crank Throw so as to from balance weights.

The Crankshaft may be made from Carbon Steel,Nickel Chrome or other Alloy Steel.

The description of some other important parts will be covered in coming posts.

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