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10 Major Parts of Reciprocating Air Compressor.

The Air Compressor is manufactured by assembling of various components.All the parts are importantfor working of air compressor but one who is interested to learn about air compressor must familiar with below parts.

01) Frame/Crankcase :-
Totally enclosed,rigid cast iron body in square or rectangle shape.Bearing housing is fitted on crank case with accurately bored to fit Main Bearings so,misalignment or eccentricity is avoided.It gives better support to the crank shaft.

02) Crank Shaft :-
High grade S.G. Iron crank shaft in one piece in design,dynamically balancedwith counter weights,avoid any twisting.Crank pin & Jouranals duly ground & polished,ensure long life of bearings. A Flywheel is fitted on crank shaft.

03)Connecting Rod :-
Forged alloy steel connecting rod is duly normalised,are designed to provideminimum thrust on cross head bearing surface.

04) Main Bearings & Big End Bearings :-
Copper lead alloy designed for long life.It gives perfectrigidity to running gear.

05) Cross Slide & Cross Head :-
Manufactured from High grade S.G. Iron material.Its low inertia along with low friction cross slide ensure perfect running of cross head.

06)Cylinders :-
Graded Cast Iron cylinders designed with water jacket in water cooled air compressorto remove heat generated during compression.Designed for streamlined air passage & maximumnumbers of valves,cylinder provide smooth flow of air,there by minimizing the pressure drop.

07) Pistons :-
Special Aluminium alloy pistons for non-lubricated air compressor and graded castiron pistons are for lubricated models.Piston Rings are used for sealing to cylinder.

08) Piston Rod :-
Alloy Steel piston rods fitted with wear resistant packing rings of antifriction typeto prevent any possibility of c ompressed air leakage.

09) Suction & Discharge Valves :-
Stainless Steel plate type or spring type valves are arranged symmetrically in suction & discharge,provides longer life.

10) Oil Pump :-
It feeds oil to main bearings,connecting rod bearings & to cross slides.The oil pumpregulates the oil pressure by pressure regulating screw.

Above are few important parts used in Reciprocating Air Compressor.
Along with this parts some small parts are also used in air compressor,details of these parts you will find in comming posts.

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