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How to Start and Stop Air Compressor.

Air Compressor will give the best performance when it is operated by due care taken.Every machine has its own requirment of starting and stopping.

This is the machine which may run for several weeks without stopping or some times required to keep idle for many days or week.Every operator must have to know the routine stating and stopping of Air Compressor,to obtain best result from the machine.Here i will cover most of them,follow it.

Routine Starting of Air Compressor.
01)Keep Air Compressor at Unload condition by use of Unloaders.
02)Turn on cooling water to remove air lock from water cooling system.
03)Ensure belt wheel is free to rotate by rotating it by hand,for several rotations.
04)If force feed lubricator if fitted,check oil level and operate it for 8-10 turns.
05)Check position of safety shut down switches.
06)Drain Condensate from Intercooler & Aftercooler.
07)Check V-belt tighteness.
08)Check position of stop valve,open it,to flow compressed air to receiver.
09)Start Air compressor.
10)Check oil pressure.
11)Check oil flow from each lubricator pump.
12)Load Air Compressor after 3 to 5 minutes of operation.
13)Regulate water flow to cylinder,intercooler and aftercooler.
14)Check Interstage Pressure.
15)Check for leaks in Air,Water and oil lines.
16)Check Voltage available to each terminals and current drawn by the motor.
17)Check Discharge air temperature.
18)Drain condensed water from Air Receiver,Pulsation bottles and moisture seperators.
19)Check for loose nut and bolts,tighten if required.
20)Check for unusual noises.

Procedure for stopping the Air Compressor.
01)Unload Air compressor by using unloader and allow compressor to run for 5 minutes.
02)Stop Electric Motor.
03)Shut off cooling water
04)Drain condesed water from collection points.
05)Discontuine Power supply to starter.

If any one follow above precautions,there Air Compressor will give best performance for long period.

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