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Are you interested to know,How Hydraulic Crane works?

Many of us know that Crane is a Device which is used to lift the Heavy Loads for transferring or shifting purpose.

These Cranes have different types of Working Priniciple and Driving Media.You can operate Crane by Electric Power or by Water also.

Electric Driven Cranes are used in Engineering Manufacturing Plants where as Hydraulic Cranes are widely used on Dock Siding,Warehouse or Big Workshops.

In this post I will cover the details about Hydraulic Crane.A Hydraulic Crane can lift a heavy load upto 250 Tonnes in weight.

A Hydraulic Crane in its simplest form consist of a Vertical Post,Tie and Jib having Guiding Pulleys.All these parts are basic requirment of a Hydraulic Crane.

A Jigger is provided near the foot of Vertical Crane Post.The Jigger consist s of a fixed Cylinder,having a Pulley Block and containing a Sliding Ram.One endof the Ram is in contact with Water and other carries a Pulley Block.

A Chain or Wire Rope,one end of which is fixed,is taken round all the Pulleys of the two Blocks,through the Vertical Post and finally over the Guide Pulleys.

A Hook is attached to the other end of the Rope for handling the Load.There is a pipe connection for supplying water under High Pressure to the fixed Cylinder of the Jigger.

The Load to be lifted,is suspended on the free end of the Wire Rope.The Water,under High Pressure,is admitted into the Cylinder of Jigger.This Water,Forces the Sliding Ram to move towards the left.

This outward movement of the Sliding Ram,makes the Pulley Block to move outwards.Due to the increased distance between the two Pulley Blocks,the Wire Rope is pulled and the load is lifted up.

If the load is required to be shifted,the Vertical Post,of the Hydraulic Crane,can be rotated through the desired Horizontal Angle.

I hope,now you understand the working of hydraulic Crane.

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