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Trouble shooting and rectification In Automatic Starters.(Part-B)

Some faults are already covered in Part-A.In this post remaining faults about Automatic Starter will be disclosed.In Air Compressor,accessories are very important to keep the machine in running condition.

Automatic Starters (Contactor type) are mainly used to start Electric Motor so the Air Compressor coupled to that motor can be started.

Lets see remaining problems,its reason and rectification of Automatic Starters (Contactor type).


Reason:-(01) Dirty or rusty magnet and armature faces.
Rectification:-(01) Clean the magnet and armature face with soft cloth and apply petroleum Jelly.

Reason:-(02) Restricted movement or friction in magnetic movement.
Rectification:-(02) Check magnet by hand for free movement.

Reason:-(03) Intermittent contact on control circuit.
Rectification:-(03) Check all the contacts and control switches in control circuit for effective contacts.

Reason:-(04) Magnet and /or armature faces are not true.
Rectification:-(04) Change magnet and /or armature as the case may be.

Reason:-(05) Contactor chatter after changing the "No Volt" coil because the moving contact or carrier is fitted in reverse direction.
Rectification:-(05) Correct the direction.


Reason:-(01) Over voltage.
Rectification:-(01) Correct the incoming supply voltage.

Reason:-(02) Coil rating wrong.
Rectification:-(02) Use proper rating coil.

Reason:-(03) Noisy contactor.
Rectification:-(03) Refer the rectification for noisy contactor as per fault (E).

Reason:-(04) Contactor fails to close.
Rectification:-(04) Refer the rectification for contactor fails to close from previous post.(Part-A)

For this fault there are three conditions.

(A) The fault occurs,when the supply switch is "Off".Reason is,Residual magnetism in armature and magnet.Rectification is,Polish very little or put some punch on the centre line of armature.

(B) The fault occurs,when "Off" push button pressed.
Reason is,(1) Cover fixing screw are loose.
Rectification is,(1) Tighten the screw fully.
Reason:-(02) Push button length is short.
Rectification:-(02) Set the right push button.

(C) The fault occurs due to condition A & B
Reason is,(1) Contact tips welded.
Rectification is,(1) Change the defective contacts.

Reason:-(02) Moving contacts carrier sticky.
Rectification:-(02) Check the moving contacts carrier and rectify the cause of sticking.

So,the maximum possible faults,its reason and rectifications of Automatic Starters are covered in Part-A & Part-B.

You are suggested to add if you know something about this topic.My goal is to keep you informed about every field of Air Compressor and engineering.

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