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How Hydraulic Reciprocating Pump Works?

The Pump which raises Water from Lower Level to Higher Level by the Reciprocating Action of Piston inside the Cylinder is known as Reciprocating Pump.

A Reciprocating Pump,in its simplest form,consists of the following parts,

01)A Cylinder in which Piston works.The movement of Piston is obtained by a Connecting Rod,which connects the Piston and the Rotating Crank.

02)A Suction Pipe,connecting the source of Water and the Cylinder.

03)A Delivery Pipe,into which the Water is Discharged from the Cylinder.

04)A Suction Valve,which admits the flow from the Suction Pipe into the Cylinder.

05)A Delivery Valve,which admits the flow from the Cylinder into the Delivery Pipe.

During the Suction Stroke,the Piston moves from Zero to 180 Degree (which means towards right direction).Thus creating Vaccume in the Cylinder.This Vaccume causes the Suction Valve to open and Water enters the Cylinder.

During Delivery Stroke,the Piston moves from 180 Degree to 360 Degree (which means towards left direction).Thus increase pressure in the Cylinder.Due toincrease in Pressure,causes the Suction Valve to close and Delivery Valve to open,and Water is Forced into the Delivery Pipe.

A Hydraulic Reciprocating Pump,is also called a Positive Displacement Pump,as it discharge a definite quantity of Liquid during the Displacement of its Piston.This is why a Hydraulic Reciprocating Pump is ideally suitable for Grouting Operations in Dam Foundation.

To obtain a uniform Discharge from Reciprocating Pump,the Air Vessels are fitted to the Suction and Deliver Pipe,close to the Cylinder of the Pump.

An Air Vessel is a Cast Iron closed chamber,having an opening at its base,through which the water flows into the Vessel or from the Vessel.The Vessel is filled with Compressed Air.

Above description will definitely clear your idea about working of Hydraulic Reciprocating Pump.

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